Ērān ud Anērān
Webfestschrift Marshak 2003


Sixth Century Alania:
between Byzantium, Sasanian Iran and the Turkic World

Agustí Alemany Vilamajo (*)

This paper tries to collect and analyse all available evidence, mainly from Byzantine, Iranian and Arabic sources, on the role played by the Alans in the Byzantine-Persian Wars which took place during the long reign of Husrav Anõšurvan (531-79).

Special attention will be paid to:

[1] Sasanian army reforms and Caucasian politics in the early sixth century;
[2] the well-known episode of Zemarkhos' embassy to Silziboulos/I?st㬩qagan;
[3] the pro-Byzantine activity of Sarões (Sarosios, Sarõdios), king of the Alans ca. 557-73; &
[4] the problem of the relations between Alans and Western Turks and the eventual subjection of the former to the latter.

(*) Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

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