Ērān ud Anērān
Webfestschrift Marshak 2003


Sogdien et Avesta. Essais de grammaire comparée des langues iraniennes VIII

X. Tremblay


Some clues bespeak that the redactors of the Younger Avesta not only knew Sogdiana (whose name is quoted in its genuine Avestan form Yt. 10,14 and in its Sogdian garb in V.1,4), but had regular contacts with it.

To be true, Avestan is not the ancestor of Sogdian, but it shares with it more isoglosses than with any other Iranian dialect. It is hence no surprise that Sogdian loanwords have been sought for in Avestan, as yet unsuccessfully.

The detailed scrutiny of the hapax jištaiiamnô Y.8,3, which depicts some evil behaviour denounces it as such a loanword, borrowed from the ancestor of Sogd. M jyšt 'hate'. Now such a radical is no culture vocable, but one which may only borrowed from a neighbouring language: the place where Avesta was spoken must thus have lain in the immediate vicinity of Sogdian.

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